I think that there was alot of new inventions in technolgy during the WWI period. The use of Chemical warfare that started during WWI was a great idea and it was effective in injuring the enemy. Chemical warfare also didnt work very well though because the most effective chemicals were easy to detect and the enemy could get out of it quick before it did any long term damage. Gas masks were also a good invention to counter-act chemical warfare. The people on the receiving side of the chemicals could easily just put on their gas mask and stay in the same place and be unharmed because the gasmasks stop any chemicals from getting breathed in.   
     Tanks were one of the best things to happen in WWI, because they put an end to the majorly unsuccessful trench warfare. These tanks could move over land that other vehicles couldn't move over and destroy the enemy easily.
     I thought that submarines were only pretty much a good part of the war for Germany because they used them to take out Britains resources for making weapons and military supplies. They weren't really that much of an impact for many other countries.

      I thought that flamethrowers were a very valuable part of ending Trench warfare. They really made the enemy scared and it also worked very well for clearing out enemy trenches if you could get close enough to the enemy. They were only good for when you could get to the other sides trenches though because the flamethrower had a short lenghth in which it could shoot out fire, so it couldn't always do that much.

      Zeppelins were one of the ideas that were probably one of the dumber ideas i thought. They were relatively slow moving and they could most likely be shot down very easily. 
      I thought that machine guns were the most innovative thing in the war. They could be easily carried around the battlefield, and they were effective from close-medium range. They could defeat the enemy quickly and were a standard weapon for most soldiers.